Our team

All members of our team are very valuable and important to us.
We are a team of specialists in our own fields and we are very proud of that.
member of our team is a true professional with a great experience in the field.

Selim Bakırcı

Development & Business

CoFounder of Flying Spaghetti Studios and Lead Developer.

He is responsible for the design, development and management of project. Part of his job is to manage internal development team and business partnerships.

All programming including modifications and extensions of engines/tools in all of our products were done by him.

Ahmet Arif Yakupoğulları

Marketing & Social

CoFounder of Flying Spaghetti Studios and Marketing Director.

He is mostly responsible for external communication and marketing strategies.
He also manages outsourcing of services and helps with game design.

Levels of Pocket Warriors games were created by him.

Argun Ulaş Yağcı

Graphic Designer

He is responsible for the design of the logos, the covers and all the graphic design aspects of our products.

All UI elements of Pocket Warriors Switch were created by him.

Batuhan Yıldız

Sound Designer

He is responsible for sound effects in our games. He also creates the soundtracks for our games.

Pocket Warriors Switch Original Soundtrack and all sound effects were produced by him.